The only ads agency that wants to get fired.

We help you build a medspa empire so you don't need us anymore.

Find out how.

Is your medspa...

not bringing in new clients?

not seeing marketing results?

in need of a fresh perspective?

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too hands-on?

Don't get stuck in the desert.
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Hi, I'm Robert.

Over the last decade, I’ve discovered the true power that separates the winners from the pack is simple – marketing.

I built an internal marketing team at the nation’s fastest-growing medspa, Contour Spa, and brought them to seven figures through the power of Meta ads.

Now I want to pass that knowledge on to the other A-players in the game.

But why just Meta ads?

It’s simple:

My team at The Spa Genie is bold, it works outside the box, and it gets industry-leading results. Check below for more info.

We're looking for more A-players in the medspa game.

Are you ready to redefine your business?

Granting your revenue
growth wishes.


We don’t hide your results, because nothing is better than seeing your numbers skyrocket. Guaranteed.

You get your own CRM account, access to all leads, and you own your data.


We only work with medspas. That’s because we know the industry inside and out.

Don’t compromise with a generalized ads agency that knows your work “well enough.”


You’re not afraid of massive growth, and neither are we.

You don’t shoot for “acceptable results,” and neither do we.

Let’s win together.

Our real goal:
You don't need us anymore.

The best ad agency is an in-house one.

We help you train and build a powerhouse ad team within your company, so you can fire us and do it yourself down the line.

Until then, we’ll get you the results to make the team pay for itself.

Trusted by the best in the industry.

We built an in-house revenue machine.

unlock guaranteed recurring revenue

expand your scope

reclaim your free time

expand brand awareness

build your empire

Let us do the same for you.

Granting your business growth wishes.

Getting you more leads, turning those leads into appointments, and those appointments into more sales.

Let us show you how we can be the last agency you ever hire.

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